Facts about the MOST500 rankings: MOST1000SWEDEN and MOST500NORDIC

  • The companies are ranked in terms of sales.
  • For Swedish companies, the figures applies for the whole Group, for foreign companies the figures applies as far as possible, to the existing Swedish operations.
  • The ranking is based on the latest available financial statements with figures from annual reports and other sources , primarily the Swedish "Bolagsverket" and from Bisnode.
  • Subsidiaries are included if its operations are essentially different from the mother company, otherwise not.
  • Government ownership companies have been excluded

This is how the Nordic ranking, MOST500NORDIC is produced

  • InvestInRelations have compiled the Nordic ranking using information from Dagens Næringslivs: DN500, Børsens: Top1000, MOST1000SWEDEN and Talouselämä: TE 500.

Both the ranking MOST1000SWEDEN and the ranking MOST500NORDIC are produced by the company InvestInRelations.
InvestInRelations is an information provider that operates the Nordic region´s first merit-based database, MERIT500. The database contains information about the Management team and the Board of Directors in the largest unlisted companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden together with companies listed on Oslo Børs and the NASDAQ OMX Nordic. Fund-managers, Investment banks, consultants, lawyers, Executive search firms and corporations use the MERIT500 database for analysis regarding recruitment and client development activities.

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