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InvestInRelations is an information provider that operates the Nordic region´s first merit-based database, MERIT500. The database contains information about the Management team and the Board of Directors in the largest unlisted companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden together with companies listed on Oslo Børs and the NASDAQ OMX Nordic. Fund-managers, Investment banks, consultants, lawyers, Executive search firms and corporations use the MERIT500 database for analysis regarding recruitment and client development activities.

Unique advantages with the datbase MERIT500

The broadest recruitment selection: InvestInRelations has built the Nordic regions only merit-based database , MERIT500 , where all the candidates have experience in large corporations and / or listed companies.
Speed: A fact-based search in MERIT500 gives faster results than other methods since all people are searchable based on advanced search criteria .
"Appearing under the radar”: In the database there are candidates that are not part of the regular networks or the regular voluntary databases due to the fact that we only focus on public information that is available on the companies' websites and therefore includes all the executives in these companies, regardless of background, gender, expressed an interest, etc.
Value for money: Our price reflects our mission to be time efficient .
Clients: Contact us if you want to access the credentials.

We have recruitment solutions that will suit both small and large companies, contact us for more information.

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